Semara Spa

Semara Spa

The concept behind Semara Spa is that of ‘affordable luxury’. Where one can relax and unwind completely, where the senses are engaged in a cocoon of nurturing.  A place where one can completely immerse in pure goodness.

We guide your body, mind and spirit through a journey of relaxation and holistic transformation using natural and organic products and ingredients to nurture, regenerate and protect; focusing on minimizing the effects of living in a modern age.

Our therapists customize each treatment to ensure each guest receives the most beneficial experience to meet their individual needs while providing infinite ways of rejuvenation and restoration. Unwind, exhale and feel pampered….you deserve it.  Another reason to call Bali paradise. The Semara Spa management team will be delighted to greet you and recommend amazing treatments from the extensive spa menu.

  • For the perfect gift for that special person, gift certificates can be purchased at Semara Spa reception.
  • Bali residents who are frequent guests can receive a Loyalty Card for a 10% discount on Semara Spa treatments.

Massage Time
Massage therapies to uplift your spirit, soothe your soul and fuel your dreams can be enjoyed in our nurturing spa sanctuary or we also would be more than happy to bring our spa to your room.

  • Semara Signature : 90 min Rp.350.000++ and 60 min Rp.270.000++
    Our Signature Balinese Massage is both invigorating and relaxing. Surrender body and mind to this incredible combination of long flowing strokes, kneading, friction and thumb pressure techniques applied with the artful and accomplished skills of our intuitive therapists. Guaranteed to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and relax the mind. The perfect pathway to health and harmony.
  • Oriental 4 Hand Fusion : 60 min Rp.370.000++
    The ultimate guilt free indulgence. Two therapists working together in rhythmic harmony. This unique massage is a fusion of eastern and western massage which helps to restore your body’s natural balance. Using synchronized movements to relieve tight muscles, improve circulation and nourish body and spirit. Pure pleasure.
  • Chakra Crystal Stone Therapy : 90 min Rp.350.000++
    A chakra-tuning massage to refresh, renew and enliven! This comforting and deeply relaxing massage combines human touch with the healing powers of 100% pure organic oils and chakra healing stones and gems. This combination will awaken the seven chakras of the body and encourage self-healing and deep relaxation. A total mind, body and spiritual experience.
  • Semara Zen Experience : 90 min Rp.285.000++
    Our Semara Zen experience is a massage that focuses on restoring balance, relieving stress to tired bodies. The techniques include deep pressure strokes and incorporates rejuvenating massage experience.
  • Semara Sports : 90 min Rp.285.000++
    Our Semara Sports massage is bliss for tired, tight, sore muscles. Allow your intuitive therapist adapt their eclectic massage techniques to suit your needs whilst focusing on areas of stress and tension. Designed to increase flexibility, circulation and improve recovery time.
  • Semara Thai : 90 min Rp.325.000++
    Exotic, unique and the ultimate subliminal workout. Thai massage is a blend of deep pressure point massage and stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of body, mind and spirit. This massage is nothing short of divine.
  • Reflexology : 90 min Rp.300.000++ and 60 min Rp.220.000++
    An ancient Chinese healing therapy that is blissful as it is beneficial. This health enhancing foot therapy focuses on the feet’s reflex points to restore the natural flow of body energy, and so improve the body’s health. Stimulating these points will increase overall circulation and restore balance. This ancient healing art brings soothing relief in these modern times. Recover your physical and mental harmony.
  • Mother-to-Be : 60 min Rp.270.000++
    This massage especially designed for mothers-to-be, aids relaxation, benefits circulation and provides comfort during this exciting time of growth and change. Connecting with mother and baby through the power of touch, tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques are adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Using our special pregnancy pillow and 100% safe Orange Blossom Massage Oil ensure you both are comfortable at all times and experience complete relaxation.
  • Ayurvedic Shirodhara : 60 min Rp.450.000++
    This luxurious all encompassing treatment begins with an Indian Head Massage of head, scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate and re-energize. This rhythmic massage is deeply relaxing, nourishing, detoxifying and rejuvenating. Once eased into relaxation, a continuous controlled flow of warm medicated oil is streamed onto your third eye chakra on your forehead from where it gently trickles down into your crown chakra in on the top of your head. This carefully directed oil flow creates a meditative affect leaving your feeling calm, rebalanced and divinely tranquil and serene. Perfect for jetlag, insomnia, fatigue, stress or headaches.
  • Sole to Soul Foot Massage : 30 min Rp.120.000++
    This treatment will leave you walking on air and with a renewed zest for life. This treatment focuses solely on the feet and includes a foot soak, foot scrub, massage and spritz. Brilliant for sore and swollen feet.
  • Kids Massage Intro (6 – 14 years) : 30 min Rp.135.000++
    Using simplified Balinese massage techniques this light pressure massage supports children’s muscles whilst evoking relaxation and calmness. A great introduction to the benefits and lifetime enjoyment of massage. Please note that children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.