Sri Agung Spa

Sri Agung Spa

Tranquility Spa Treatment
A unique & exotic Spa in Bali, Six Luxury spacious private Spa treatment rooms, relaxation lounge overlooking an elegant a waterfall, includes bathing area with; sauna / steam bath, hot or cold Jacuzzi / whirlpool. A magical & memorable experience, perfect to savor alone or with a friend.


  • Traditional Balinese (Restoring) (1 hours): US $ 35
    This medium firm massages treatment uses Balinese long strong Strokes, Skin rolling, kneading and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and smooth acting muscles.
  • Aromatherapy (Balancing)  (1 hours): US $ 35
    A gentle, pressure relaxing massage to clear the mind, and soothe and refresh the body.
  • Warm Stone Massage (Warming/Rebuilding) 1 hour: US $ 35
    We used warm stones from the Agung Mountain and combine them with a traditional oil massage to provide you with a treatment to relieve muscular aches and pains.
  • Herbal Pack (Revitalizing) 1 hour: US $ 35
    Hour Herbal packs are made from aromatic herb, leaves and flower sourced from around Indonesia. This pack steamed and than pressed on to body to relax, relive sore muscles and penetrate deaf warms. This is deeply relaxing treatment.
  • Foot Reflexology (Maintenance) 1 Hours : US $ 35
    Reflexology aim to rebalance and harmonize the function of the entire body. By applying pressure to various points on the soles, the reflex nerves are stimulated that are systematically linked to all parts of the body.

Beauty Treatment

  • Facial  (1 hours): US $ 35
    Includes cleansing, toning, peeling, eyes lash cleansing, and masque, with a choice (seaweed, Aloe Vera, healing clay )
  • Cream bath / Scalp Treatment ( 1 hours ): US $ 35
    Traditional head, neck, and shoulder massage, improves blood circulation and revitalizes your hair & scalp. (Aloe Vera, avocado, coconut milk etc ).
  • Shirodara (1 hours): US $ 35
    The exclusive treatment begins with a steady stream of medicated oil to directed on the forehead in a unique therapy designed to relieve mental tensions and provide a calm state of mind. The regular item has a restorative effect on the senses.
  • Salon: US $ 25
    Manicure, Pedicure, Hair cut, nail art Styling, Coloring, toning, highlighting, Hair Plaiting, Waxing, etc.

Body Treatment / Exfoliates

  • Javanese Lulur (2 hours): US $ 50
    Softens the skin and removes marks. Includes : full body massage, sauna, lulur, fresh flower bath
  • Bali Boreh (2 hours): US $ 50
    Includes full body massage, Jacuzzi, Herbal boreh, petal flower bath. Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Traditional Scrub (2 hours): US $ 50
    Softens and removes dead skin, includes: full body massage, Jacuzzi, scrub (coconut, coffee or corn).
  • Body Wraps (2 hours): US $ 50
    Starting with aromatherapy massage, choice of Body Wraps (Herbal, Seaweed, Volcanic clay or Healing Mud), finished with petal flower bath.
  • Thalasso & Spa Treatments (2 hours): US $ 50
    Process, Thalasso footbath, Massage , choice of spa treatment :
    * Body Contour, For combating cellulite and poor circulation.
    * Whitening, Leaves the skin clear and bright. Sauna, Jacuzzi, herbal bath, Refreshing, hot ginger tea.
  • Luxury Spa Packages
    The Escape (2 hours): US $ 50
    Thalasso footbath / Body Massage / Seaweed facial or Crème bath / Spa gift.
  • The Treat (2.5 hours): US $ 70
    Aromatherapy footbath a shiatsu Massage / Javanese lulur or body scrubs a manicure or pedicure / Petal flower bath / Spa gift.
  • The Refresher (3 hours): US $ 88
    Thalasso footbath a Aromatherapy massage / Lulur or scrubs a Rejuvenating facial or cream bath / Petal flower bath / Spa gift.
  • The Works (4 hours): US $ 99
    Aromatherapy footbath a Traditional massage / Seaweed body mask or volcanic clay / Traditional rejuvenating facial Hair cream bath / Herbal bath lunch or dinner / Spa gift
  • The Paradise  (5 hours): US $ 125
    Thalasso footbath a Aromatherapy massage / Seaweed body mask or Javanese lulur / Rejuvenating facial Hair treatment / Cream bath / Manicure & pedicure a Petal flower bath / Lunch or dinner / Spa gift.
  • The Best of Sri Agung (6 hours) : US $ 140
    Aromatherapy footbath a Traditional massage / Javanese lulur or Body scrubs and Seaweed facial / Cream bath a Manicure & Pedicure / Petal flower bath Photo with Balinese costume / Lunch or Dinner / Spa gift.

Spa Culture

  • Photo with Real Balinese Costume  (2 hours): US $ 60
  • Private course Balinese dance with Certificate (2 hours): US $ 60
  • Massage course with Certificate (2 hours): US $ 60
  • International or Traditional Balinese Wedding: US $ 500